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26 May

Memorial Day, when the drivers of the US hit the road!

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School year is ending!
The country is re-opening.
Families are packing their suitcases.
Airline boarding passes are being printed.
Parents and children are piling into their cars for a Memorial Day road trip.

It's all great and so exciting. After 18 months of protecting ourselves and our loved ones by staying home, we're now ready to make new memories. One of the most overlooked aspects of preparing for a road trip is the car and its readiness. Here is a quick checklist of things to help you prepare for a safe journey on the nation's highway:

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30 Apr

Are you a student leader in your local SADD chapter? If so, this message is for you!

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National Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a nationally focused youth forum that works to further the mission of SADD. Through participation in the SLC, selected students grow and strengthen their leadership skills and gain significant travel, training, leadership and public speaking opportunities. Members of the SLC are dedicated to peer programming and youth health and safety. They have many accomplishments within their schools and communities to further SADD’s mission.

Student Leadership Members:

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