13 Dec

No matter what this season means to you, keep it safe for all of those who love you.

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No matter who or what you celebrate this time of year, your safety and the safety of those you love should be as important as anything else you do.

How to increase the odds of having a happy season:

Designate a sober driver. A designated driver is not the one who is the least impaired. A designated driver is a totally unimpaired driver.

Rest before you roll down the road. No drowsy driving.

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13 Dec

What? A Teen in California Could Win $2500! Tell me more!

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Do you know a teen that would like to win $2500 for making a 30 second video of them sharing an idea for a messaging campaign about the dangers of driving impaired while using cannabis? They're making videos with their phones in their spare time. Why not use some of their creativity and desire to be positive peer influencers and make a video for this contest?

Check out the contest info in the pic below. For more information, visit

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28 Oct

Red Ribbon Week Part 4 - Benefits of Remaining or Becoming Drug Free

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As we get closer to the end of Red Ribbon Week, let's not let the conversation fall on deaf ears.

When "just say no" doesn't work, how do we interest teens in staying engaged in the messaging of staying or becoming drug free?
We talk about the positives of being sober:

Better Focus and Memory.
Reduce Heart Attack and Cancer Risk.
Look Younger and Lose Weight.
You'll Sleep Better.
Increase Self-Esteem and Mental Health.
You'll Have Better Relationships.

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26 Oct

Red Ribbon Week Part 2 - Can Mindfullness Help Substance Users Cultivate Moment to Moment Awareness to Lessen Chances of Replapse?

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During Red Ribbon Week and throughout the year, teach teens to exchange negative feelings for positive ones. When one expresses anger, give them a few positive emotions to trade the anger in on. Then ask them what that positive emotion looks like, feels like, and how they could make that vision become reality. Read more about mindfulness in this article and have a discussion with the teens in your life during Red Ribbon Week.

“It’s a human tendency to want to have pleasure and want to avoid pain or discomfort,” says University of Washington researcher Sarah Bowen.

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