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What is Reduce Teen Crashes?

Reduce Teen Crashes started in 2013 with a simple idea - increasing traffic safety activities reduces traffic crashes. The program is modeled after National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) best practices: saturation, involvement, and outreach. Reduce Teen Crashes combines innovative branding and basic marketing to create a campaign for increasing traffic safety activities in all public and private high schools throughout the nation. 


Reduce Teen Crashes is designed as a portal to connect schools with teen traffic safety activities available in California. Activities range from basic saturation, such as posting "Buckle Up" signs in school common areas, to outreach through community events, and safety awareness days.


By providing teen crash rate data and a growing list of safe driving activities, Reduce Teen Crashes raises awareness of the need for safe driving programs, provides the tools to find crash reduction activities, and awards points to schools for completing and submitting their pictures of their experiences. Safety Awards are sent to the schools in recognition of student efforts to educate their peers and reduce teen crashes by promoting safe driving practices at home, in the school, and throughout the community.

How it Works

Step One: Sign up Your School

Register your school for our Traffic Safety Award program and start reducing teen crashes today!

Step Two: Complete Your Activities

Explore the many fun and educational activities on our site and complete them to earn points for your school.

Step Three: Share Your Experience

Take pictures of your experiences and post them to social media. Be sure to use #ReduceTeenCrashes.

Step Four: Submit Your Activities for Points

Submit pictures and press from your activities to receive points and get your school to the top of the online leaderboard.

Awards and Points

Bronze Level 100 Points

Schools reach Bronze level by completing the initial activities totaling 100 points. Schools participating for a consecutive year will have to resubmit photos of activities to receive points. Activities such as Request a "Buckle Up America" sign to post in your school's common areas. To get your points take photos to receive points for the new year. Schools will be recognized on the virtual leaderboard. Simple answer: Schools who complete 100 points through Bronze level activities will be recognized on the virtual leaderboard. 

Silver Level 1300 Points

Schools reach Silver level by achieving 1300 points or more. By engaging partners in traffic safety awareness activities by enlisting the help of parents, teachers, media, and local law enforcement in interactive safe driving activities. Schools will be recognized by virtual leaderboard.

Gold Level 3000 Points

Schools reach Gold level by achieving 3000 points or more. The Gold level activities allow students to engage their community and neighboring schools by hosting a regional event. Schools will be recognized through the virtual leaderboard and awards at the end of each year.