Steer Clear

UC San Diego's Training, Research, and Education for Driving Safety (TREDS) program is recognized for their curricula that addresses traffic safety issues. In 2017, TREDS developed a curriculum to reduce underage drinking and driving. 

The Steer Clear program provides education to reduce impaired driving in youth ages 15-20. This 50-minute interactive curriculum is guided by an engaging PowerPoint presentation that includes videos, case scenarios, and audience participation through use of the Kahoot platform. Topics addressed include:

  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and how alcohol impairs driving
  • Impaired driving laws in California
  • DUI checkpoint procedures used by law enforcement to screen for impairment
  • Emotional, physical, legal, and financial consequences of impaired driving
  • Strategies to manage peer pressure and make safe decisions

Two short videos utilized in the Steer Clear curriculum are hosted on the TREDS website. These videos addressed the operation of a "DUI Checkpoint" and "BAC and Driving."

For more information, please visit the Steer Clear website or email the program at