Red Ribbon Week Part 1

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People with addiction lose control over their actions. They crave and seek out drugs, alcohol, or other substances no matter what the cost—even at the risk of damaging friendships, hurting family, or losing jobs. What is it about addiction that makes people behave in such destructive ways? And why is it so hard to quit?

During Red Ribbon Week 2021, we'll post information that is more positive and educational about drug use and the science of addiction.
Come back tomorrow for Part 2.

Our partners at the National Institute of Health (NIH) have this to say:
NIH-funded scientists are working to learn more about the biology of addiction. They’ve shown that addiction is a long-lasting and complex brain disease, and that current treatments can help people control their addictions. But even for those who’ve successfully quit, there’s always a risk of the addiction returning, which is called relapse.

Follow the link to the full article and share it with your teens. Sometimes when they won't listen to "just say no", the science or biology behind addiction will catch their attention.

Monday, October 25, 2021