Messaging to teens before they leave campus for the Labor Day weekend

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Happy Friday SADD Advisors and Administrators!

As we all prepare to enjoy a three day weekend, and remember the meaning behind the holiday, let's also remember that this weekend marks the last of the 100 Deadliest Days for teens on our nations highways.

Please take a moment to mention highway safety issues to your students. Whether it be to remind them to TextLess Live More, or to Rock the Belt at all times when in a car, you are saving lives. Every message we share, every reminder we make with teens has the power to save a life, change a life for good, and make sure that this last weekend of summer is as safe as possible for all the students we work with.

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday weekend!

Lynne Richard

Western States Regional Manager, Students Against Destructive Decisions

Friday, September 3, 2021